Thursday, July 23, 2009


Is it possible to love a cordless screw driver? Yes, I believe it is. Today while I watched the plumber install new copper runners and listened to the termite guy drill holes in concrete, I removed all miscellaneous prior window treatment bits and bobs with my handy dandy cordless screw driver. A former gift from my romantic husband. He buys me contractor books AND power tools. It's a little like being showered with rose petals and diamonds. Except it's not. (but, he does buy me those things too - - they're just not as functional as books and gismos to perform mini home improvements with and besides, you could never remove the world's ugliest light fixture from your over illuminated pink kitchen with an emerald cut no matter how hard it was)

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KB said...

One of my cousins gave us a high powered DeWalt cordless drill as a wedding present. It's the one present I use all the time.