Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Done, Still Walking and Beans

I am posting this photo because I am allllmmoooossttt done painting the porch furniture. In fact, I am so alllmmmooossst done painting it, that it is possible (probable, likely, almost balls-on-certainty) that this may be as good as it gets.

See the pretty BRIGHT yellow (this color is best yelled in a loud and excited voice). This professionally applied four coats of very thick rust preventative paint is so peachy-keen that it makes these bad boys look nearly brand spankin' new. The proverbial fly in the soup is that the four coats of very thick rust preventative paint are only on the glider and the chair (as seen in the representative photo). There are only three coats of very thick rust preventative paint on the second chair/rocker (the arm of which is noted in the representative photo). I ran out of steam. I just couldn't bring myself to apply one more coat with the words "wax-on-wax-off" running a continual loop in my brain.

In truth, what really happened is that I just plain old got fed up with not being able to put the car in the garage. I am a spoiled brat. I like to open the door from the house and get directly in the car without being subjected to the elements. With the porch furniture in the garage I was forced to open the front door and walk an exhausting 50-60 feet to the car. It was unbearable. A veritable living hell. Oh, and besides that we were having guests over for dinner, so I wanted to have somewhere to sit and watch the sunset.

I wanted to post this photo of the kids on our Golden Gate bike adventure. I know I griped about it yesterday as something that just took up time and put a dent in my otherwise placid life. But, we really did have some grins. Yes, I seriously considered having an aneurysm at least twice while huffing up some hills and I had a couple of out of body experiences wondering "will I be able to physically propel myself forward tomorrow when I get up and my legs are made of noodles?" And yes, for those interested - - I indeed have been able to walk. Good deal.

And last, a question that has been plaguing me for many years and I keep forgetting to ask it. What are kidney beans packed in when they are canned that makes them froth up like they are full of dishwasher soap when you rinse them in water? What is this viscus liquid that leaves gloop in the bottom of the can and yet creates mountains and mountains of bubbles when confronted with common tap water? Just a question.


Anonymous said...

I have often wondered if others wondered about kidney bean suds....

KB said...

I am going to have to open a can of kidney beans now just to see the liquid. Fascinating. Is it just kidney beans or also in garbanzo and navy types?