Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black and Blue

While I'm not quite ready to share interior photos, things are definitely shaping up around here at the CMR.  It's slowly beginning to feel more like home again, and I'm hopeful that it won't be too terribly long before I stop slamming into my bedroom dresser every single damn time I exit the bathroom.  It's this weird combination of "knowing" the house from before and things being different now.  Big furniture used to be "there" and now it's "here."  Some things are familiar and other things - - well - they cause you to have a proliferation of really superior looking purple/yellow bruises on hip bones, shins and arms.  This bruising can be socially problematic.

I went to see a dermatologist the other day to get a little doohickey removed from under my eye.  While I was there he suggested a full body check (white girl, aged 50+,  used to hang out in the sun, and all that..)  He checked out all the inches of my lily white wrinkly body and then became oddly silent.  I think he was thoughtfully composing exactly what he wanted to say... something on the lines of: Does your husband beat you and did I know that there were organizations to help me get out of that abusive relationship??  Nice to know he's not only concerned with my dermatological well being, whether or not George The Elder is a wife beater.  All good.

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2W3 said...

On the up side, it is a good time to ask for that special, expensive gift or vacation that G the Elder has been hesitant with which to agree. You would certainly hate for people to get the wrong impression :)