Sunday, July 11, 2010

CMR Update July 11

Today's field trip over to the CMR saw some additional progress on the Cool MidCentury Remodel (CMR). We have concrete!!!

First, George the Elder took some time to review the plans and to read some reports by one of the many highly compensated inspectors that visited the property this past week to ensure that all was going well. The now useless water heater behind him will be replaced by the nifty radiant heating system / hot water system that will be installed once all the sub-flooring is completed. We will eventually have toasty warm polished concrete under our feet. But, we have a ways to go before that.

Here is a long shot of the A pours and the newly excavated B parts. This helps to visualize the process from last week when all we saw was some forms and rebar next to big chunks of dirt that would eventually be the B parts. The rebar with the orange triangular tips will be bent over to the B parts to ensure a strong marriage between the two.

A shot of what will eventually be Henry's room and the cut out for his window to the world.

Obviously, if this pile of rebar is any indication, we have a looooong ways to go with the rest of the foundation walls. The GC informs me that the rest will take a shorter period of time since it can be poured in much larger sections. Only the back wall will be done with the A/B method. I suspect that this week they will finish the demolition of the other foundation walls to get this ready.

Henry calls these structures the Jenga towers. It does look similar to the game pieces except for the large heavy steel beam resting on it!

This is the outside of the house by Henry's corner. I have named this the "child trap." One misstep from the jungle of ivy while avoiding the exterior Jenga towers and we got ourselves a little pit o' despair from an unsuspecting visitor.

And finally, it it confirmed that even in the most difficult of circumstance, Nature continues to provide. This little apple tree sits directly to the left of the "Child Trap." Sadly, it is likely to meet its end next week when the rest of the excavation takes place. For those nature lovers out there who will meet this with outrage - we apologize. There are two more apple trees further out in the front "yard" that will be saved. This one - well, it's just gotta go.

I've another update meeting with the CG this Wednesday morning so I'll be getting the skinny on what's up next. For now - we are happy to have three little sections of concrete. It's starting to look more like a building than a mining pit. So, all is good.

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