Tuesday, July 13, 2010


According to all sources, and now documented with photos, the boys have arrived safe and sound at camp.

We have already received one letter from Henry, written in what can only be described as his "serial killer" handwriting, that among other things stated that, "It's boiling here and I am thriving." Now here's a kid who pays attention to using rich language as dictated by his language arts teacher.

George the Younger, now a camper on the "Island" at Winaukee, fell right back in to the swing of things with his buddies. They have all been in the same cabin for the last five years (not the cabin - that changes - but the group doesn't). And now, with the advent of FB, these guys stay in touch for the whole year and are pumped to see each other when camp time rolls around. This photo was taken the morning after he arrived at camp. Compare and contrast his clothes to those he was wearing the morning he left San Francisco. It comes as little surprise that these are the very same clothes more than 24 hours later. I guess when you are excited to see all your buddies it does not occur to you to take any clothes off before you crawl in to your camp bed - nor when you arise from it the next morning.

They arrived on Friday night - George the Younger out to the Island and Henry remaining on the Mainland. This is the first year that they have been in separate camps. George the Younger met this revelation with quiet reserved celebration and secret fist pumps. Henry, probably not so much. Henry still worships the ground the George the Younger walks on - George the Younger deems this as a pain in his butt as is befitting the older brother. Even though they didn't see each other a whole lot during the weeks at camp - I think just knowing his brother was somewhere close was a source of comfort to the Henster.

And, likely much to the chagrin of the older brother, Sunday was "sibling day" at camp so they were reunited a mere 36 hours after their initial separation. This was cause for jubilation for Henry. I know this because he mentioned it in his letter. I suspect that being separated from his newly reunited Band of Brothers made it not so much for George the Younger. Still - he is smiling in the photo. The sibling reunification only lasts about an hour - so not too terribly intrusive...

Henry already has food stuck on his face. This photo will be repeated several times during their stay at camp. Not the photo of the two of them together, but a photo of Henry with crap on his face. In the absence of a dedicated adult to remind him to remove the food shrapnel from his face after eating - well...there's schmutz.

Go Winaukee 2010!!!

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