Monday, June 14, 2010

The Team Plays On....

George the Younger's baseball team, the SF little league Angels, emerged victorious on Sunday afternoon as the Junior Division Champs! What a thrill.

They played the Cardinals. They had faced the Cards 7 times during the season. They beat them 3 times. They lost 3 times. They tied one. It was an amazing competition for both teams. They were evenly matched in both batting and fielding skills. So, it was with great celebration that in the last game of the season, the Angels came out on top.

The playoffs are double elimination so the last games were crucial. They beat the Cards handily in their first play off game. They were summarily crushed by the Cards in the first game of the finals. A brutal battle that lasted until complete darkness last Thursday with a final score of 14 to 9. The Angels were not feeling so great after that one.

But on Sunday, with clear sunny skies and lots of wind, the Angels took the game in an amazing victory winning 15-5 with the game called at the bottom of the 6th by the mercy rule. To say that they played well against their most fierce adversaries of the season would be an understatement. They kicked some serious baseball butt.

The photo montage...

This is a GREAT photo of the perfect strike. Ball in George the Younger's glove. Look of sheer frustration from the batter.

The Younger in his trademark batter's poise. Truth be told, he got walked three times yesterday, but they were great at bats. First two going full count. Wish I had had the camera on Thursday night, as he had the most beautiful bunt ever! Placed perfectly and beat out to first. Runners advancing in the perfect storm. He's fast as lightening, so he is known for his bunt. They were on guard yesterday for this yesterday. His friend, Jordan, was playing catcher for the other team. They were on the same team last year so Jordan knows well and good that he needs to be ready.

The happy face of a winner. The BEST smiler I know.

Second trophy of the week. First for being the team with the best season record. Now for winning the division. We have more gold painted plastic than I care to think about! Coach Bob called him the "Team Anchor". He played catcher for the most innings of any player he's had. Always there, always in the game, always reliable.

And, the team photo. They were down two key players yesterday, but still managed to pull together. Great effort - and man, oh man, were they happy!!

The Tournament of Champions starts on Friday night out in the burbs of Marin. There are five games, all single elimination. George the Younger's team won his Majors division last year, but were knocked out in the first round of the TOC. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they will make it further this year.
So, the Division is done, but the team plays on. Keep your fingers crossed for the Angels!!

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