Friday, June 18, 2010

CMR Before and Now

Pretty little mid-century modern before the start of the remodeling....

The pretty little mid-century modern day 8 of construction. Note giant steel beam that have been thrust under the house. According to the GC, "These are important!"

They are now what hold the house up.

Pretty little inner courtyard before the start of remodeling. So, mid-century. So walk-able. So person-bearing.

Pretty little courtyard gone daddy gone. Now we have a big, big, giant pit...

I tried the key in the front door to see if I could get inside and take some photos from the main rooms of the house down to the extravagant excavation in the soon-to-be lower level - but I learned something new about holding a house up today. When they insert the gargantuan steel beams that the house is now resting on - they level it. Since the house has been settling since 1949 - it wasn't exactly level in it's prior condition. Now the house is level, but the doors don't open. Well, technically they DO open, but once opened you wouldn't get them closed again with out some serious effort. Contractor says best to just get in and out of the house via ladder in prodigious pit. I will leave that to him.

Many truck-loads of dirt have been removed. I am starting to get a better visual of how much space we will have down there when it is finished. Too cool. So remodel-y.

I want it to be done now. I have been informed by GC that the digging is the easy and fast part. The pouring of many layers of concrete is the boring and long and impatient part. The building department must come out and inspect each pouring. Sometimes they are delayed.

I will say this much. Upon issuing of our building permit - we realized that we paid the city of SF an amount that would buy two fully loaded Kia Fortes. Not a trivial sum. For that kind of money (for doing virtually nothing, but being a pain in my proverbial ass) I expect them to live in the unfinished basement (aka the dirt filled hole) of our cool mid-century remodel during the entire duration of construction. It's the least that they could do.

For now, we just Dig. Dig. Dig. I will come up with a nefarious plan to deal with the building department later. Any suggestions??


Molly said...

As soon as an inspector signs off an a layer of concrete, you quickly pour the next layer on top of him. Sure, it's a little creepy because some will call it a tomb, but really, it will serve more as a time capsule for the frustration.

TNgrammy said...

This is amazing! The basement looks huge. I have to agree that climbing down that ladder should be left to the workmen!

sheri said...

hi wendy :) i was 'next blog'ging my was thru and came across yours...i've got a million questions...i'd love to tag along and see where this adventure takes you! for one, where are all of you living while your house is being, um, er, i don't actually know what is being done to your house but i would certainly miss a beautiful courtyard like yours, too!

Stephanie said...

I agree -- leave the pit ladder to the trained professionals. You might break a hip or put out an eye;)

What the heck is a fully loaded Kia Forte?