Monday, June 28, 2010

CMR Update June 27

Made the weekly visit with the camera over to our CMR (cool mid-century renovation) to snap some pics of the progress. Amazingly enough - the hole got bigger. There's a cavernous pit underneath the house now and with another week's digging (or less) they ought to start getting to work on removing the old foundation so that the house will just be balancing on three large steel beams. An engineering trick extraordinaire. Can't wait.

Henry does what boys do in construction sites. He rides the machinary. He also managed to come home with his pockets full of pieces of concrete from the old walls, a couple of stones and a fairly old door knob that didn't come from our house as it is now.

The used-to-be location of the stairs leading from the garage to the kitchen. That would be a loooong step down, so I'm hoping that the door was blocked off from the upstairs. If not, I hope that my GC's insurance policies are up to date.

Nearly all dug out to the back corner where Henry's bedroom will be.

Can you imagine a "media room" here? I've seen the plans, I know it goes there, but I can't envision it yet. And, while I'm on the subject, since when did "family rooms" morph in to "media rooms"???

That red paint will be where my laundry room will go. Frankly, since having to do my laundry in the communal laundry area, I am beginning to covet this room most of all. I day dream about just having to clean my own lint traps and having the luxury of leaving my clothes in the washing machine until I am just-damn-good-and-ready to move them.

The view from the "media room" to the "pool room" (the one that we designed, but don't have an actual pool table to put in there - but that didn't stop us from creating the space for it) and out to the garage doors. And yes, the garage doors slide side-to-side like barn doors. Just another nifty feature of our cool mid-century modern house. One that we will keep.

And so, our regular meetings with our project manager begin this Wednesday. He will be providing me with the schedule for completion - which unbeknownst to him - I will begin to etch in stone. Hell hath no fury than an ex-project manager with too much time on her hands. I love a good excel spreadsheet!!

In other news - neighbor has called to complain about the workman parking in her driveway. So, it's three weeks of construction and only two minor complaints. We're doing ok so far.

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TNgrammy said...

This is truly amazing....and scary!