Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good TV

My sister was on the Today show this morning. She wasn't one of the feature stories such as the woman who was impregnated by some other person's embryos or the little girl who was nearly mashed by some car that backed up faster than lightening on to the 7-11 parking lot sidewalk but was miraculously saved by those cement posts that usually just make dents in your fenders, but this time actually served a purpose of saving some sweet kids life. Nope, she was just kooky enough to get up at the absolute butt crack of dawn to stand in line in front of Rockefeller Center for her close-up - right next to Al Roker.

She called me slightly after my own pacific coast butt crack of dawn - knowing, with some degree of certainty, that I would be awake already yelling at the kids - oops - I mean getting my loving off-spring ready for their day at school. She was on TV!! Turn on the TV!! We turned on the TV - a real treat for the non-daytime TV family that we are - and waited to see her. And - YUP! There she was. Smiling for the camera with her bright pink poster proclaiming her success at scaling Kilimanjaro which was recently signed by one of the hosts (sorry Deb, can't remember what her name is). Very cool.

I have to say it's a bit hinky seeing your relatives on TV. I suppose that the siblings of, say, Katie Couric, are immune to it by now - - but we aren't a TV appearing family on the whole - so, it was a little bit of a thrill. Hey!! I KNOW HER!!! Kind of thing. And since it was a nice benign TV appearance, I admit to musing on how incredibly grateful that I wasn't seeing her being hauled away in cuffs or running from the cop car into the courthouse with her head ducked down or covered by a bath towel - cause then I would have to have to come up with a deeply witty version of the standard response in the interview of the perp's relatives where they say something like "Honestly! I've known her my whole life and had no indication whatsoever that she planned to walk naked through the NYSE!! I am shocked!!"

In other words, I am grateful that my family is not amazingly newsworthy, but just has the dedication to rise before the sun and eagerly wait in line, sign in hand, just to be seen on morning television just for fun. So, Aunt Deb! Way to go getting your mug on national TV! You looked great....

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Jana said...

I saw her too! It was fun to see her smiling face in that front row.