Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today I went to the SF architectural home tour with a friend. We saw lots of very cool things.

Sadly, we saw lots of the same things in each of the six houses. It was kind of weird. It's like all the architects went to the same school and said what we need in all houses is: cool glass tile in the bathrooms, floating vanities, square sinks, kitchens with large granite (or concrete) islands, a long shag area rug (preferably in a bright color like orange or red), hardwood floors (combined with polished concrete if you could fit them in to say the entry way or garage), steel cable railings and stairways with glass landings. Sure, each house had something interesting, but taken all together they were oddly similar. Imagine going to a house tour in the 70s - the big thing would have been avocado kitchen appliances and the newest in electric ovens and cooktops. Several decades from now, the aforementioned look will be known as the the "turn 'o the century" architectural chic.

I also came away with what I realized is a "must-have" for my new home. If I am ever going to achieve the most zen interior decoration in my kitchen it was obvious that I must only have one thing and one thing only displayed on the whole of the open surfaces of my remodeled kitchen. That one thing is a long rectangular platter/dish/wooden tray that holds exactly five gloriously shiny apples in a single row. It didn't seem to matter whether these were green or red apples, but there must be five, AND they must be in a row. This was in all six houses, on all six counter tops. Why? I don't know. What happens if you eat an apple? Do you have to replace it so as always to have five? Or are these five just some feng shui thing - you know an offering to the Great House Protection Dragon- and should never be eaten? I have some research to do before we complete our remodel. And there I thought I was just going to have to decide on counter tops and cabinets. Now I gotta start worrying about fitting in the glass tiles and keeping the Great House Dragon at bay. So many things to do...

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