Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A better Solution

Yesterday George the Younger and I were on the way to school listening to the radio. As I have mentioned earlier, he cottons towards listening to a station that plays hella-cool (in George's vernacular this is stated as "hecka-cool") songs from all the hella-cool recording artists like Flo Rida and Soulja Boy.

George the Younger was singing along to a newish song by Soulja Boy entitled "Kiss me Thru the Phone." In the vein of full disclosure, I admit that I was singing along too. Oddly, I have found that if you listen to any song more than 1,000 times over a discrete time frame, you can learn the lyrics to anything. Whatever. The chorus for this Soulja Boy song repeats the lyrics "Kiss me thru the phone. Kiss me thru the phone" a number of times in succession.

All of a sudden after about the third chorus (and the 5,000th time he has likely listened to this song), he abruptly stops singing. He appears to be pondering great and deep thoughts for a moment and then he makes the following observation...

"Why does he want to kiss her through the phone? [pregnant pause...] Why doesn't he just use i-chat?"

My son, the budding romantic. Look out ladies, there's a text message heading your way. Feel the love....

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Anonymous said...

don't you love it when they answer their own questions ;) - ciao, Fin