Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 Years Old and still my baby

Henry had kind of a crappy birthday this year. Since his b-day is the 2nd of September and we had just moved here - - the poor miserable bloke didn't have any friends to invite to a party. Luckily, since the beginning of the year, H has made some buddies. It was those new buddies who, of their own volition, asked Henry to share in their birthday party this past Friday. How great is that??

So, we gathered all the boys in the class - - all 13 of them - - and celebrated the birthdays of 3 of them. We headed downtown to one of the Mom's offices and took over their really cool space to eat pizza, watch "Get Smart" and eat the most delicious German Chocolate Cake. Good times. "Get Smart" got some pretty crappy reviews this year, but I can tell you that in the world of your average 11 year old, it would be nominated for an Oscar. The perfect combination of people doing stupid things, car chases, weapons and potty humor. A-One.

In other news, we have had B-E-A-utiful weather here in the Bay area. Saturday and today were both near 70 and sunny. Loving January. We took the boys to the SF zoo yesterday. It's a grand total of 10 minutes driving from the house. I think it took longer to find parking and to walk to the entrance than it did to make the car trip. We had heard lots of crappy things about the SF zoo. Bad management, poor funding, too expensive, blah, blah, blah. Last year a guy got killed by a tiger that got loose on Christmas day. It was blamed on the zoo management. (Note: All of the early 20-something guys involved in the mauling incident are in jail now on other charges and most had already spent some time in our finer penal institutions. Basically, they were partying, hopped the fence, provoked the cat and are now suing the zoo for millions of dollars for the "trauma" they experienced. Frankly, in my opinion, the gene pool was nicely and rightfully culled.)

But, our experience yesterday was great. Sure it would have been better if it was free (we miss you National Zoo!!) But, it's a nice little zoo. They have a large Serengeti area since our weather apparently is quite similar. So, beautiful giraffes and okapis. Also, they had a cool little insect house - lots of hidey insects and fair number of large scary spiders. And, most importantly, you could buy Churros. A sure sign of an exemplary zoo.

We also made note that there's still a lot of "little boy" in our Henry. They have a little steam engine choo-choo train that goes around a moderate sized track in the zoo. He and I took a ride together. The Georges declined and sat around to wave at us as we went past. He held my hand, commented that we were going "pretty fast" and was enthralled by how the steam engine worked. I know I will loose my baby soon enough, but yesterday I got to spend a few moments with him.

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