Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here we go AGAIN!

(Beginning Note:  Sorry for the delay, kind observers.  Turns out that for some reason my blog does not like to upload photos directly from my computer.  Tried a bunch of things, thought about a link to smugmug, but then realized that I could download them from Picasa - which means I first need to upload them to Picasa.  Alas...But now on with the show...)
Monday morning dawned bright and sunny and hot.  And when I say "hot" - what I mean is unnaturally warm for October and for SF in general.  It was beach-hot - - like 90 hot.  An auspicious beginning to CMR (Cool mid century Remodel) Phase II.
Phase II will be the kitchen.  A very cool and nifty kitchen it will be (I hope)!  They say this will take 10 weeks.  Having just lived through CMR Phase I, I am not putting any money on it.  Stupid is as stupid does.  I've promised to hit my foreman with a large stick if it isn't ready for Christmas, but I don't think he's too terribly afraid of me.
In order to start Phase II, I spent last weekend moving all the stuff out of the old kitchen.  In my imagination, this seemed like a fairly easy thing to do.  I will now remind my readers that sometimes I completely underestimate the easy-ness of things.  This kitchen clean out was no exception.
In my dream world, I was going to do this in a couple of hours.  I mean, really...  What's there to do but pack up some boxes of all the crap that you DON'T NEED for the next couple o' months, and move all the crap that you WILL need for the next couple o' months down to the laundry room where I planned on setting up kitchen-shop for the duration.
In fact, that's all you really need to do.  The reality of that is while you move crap from one place to another place you must make room for the crap you are moving where other crap already exists.  It's exhausting.  One minute you're just trying to figure out where to put the saran wrap and moments later you are up to your elbows reconfiguring the linen closet which never entered your dream world of just sticking the saran wrap somewhere.
In the end, Sunday night closed with the old kitchen completely devoid of anything that wasn't going to end up in a dumpster.  These pictures are the last ones taken of kitchen-old....

Nice wall.  Soon will be no-wall!

bye-bye white plastic covered cabinets, ugly cook top and speckled granite...

Think I'll miss this band-aid colored sink?  Me thinks not!!

And what about that laminate wood floor?  Bu-bye to you!  (although there is something kind of interesting about computer generate wood-grain embossed on non-wood product that ends up looking kind of like wood, but not)

See you in the dumpster white plastic windows.  Your wood replacements are going to be gor-gee-ous!

Come on demo crew - - time to do your stuff!!!

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