Saturday, October 2, 2010

Not my Fault

Dear fellow San Franciscans,

Just because I have tickets to tomorrow's game between the Giants and the Padres (along with plans to attend what should be a bang-up tail-gate party hosted by some friends) - and just because I said, "wouldn't it be great if Sunday's game was the lynch pin to them winning their division" - and just because I also wrote the same thing in an email to the host of tomorrow's tail gate party who happens to be a die-hard Giants Fan - Does NOT mean that I am single-handedly responsible for jinxing Friday night's and Saturday's losses to the Padres. I'm just saying.

It's possible that there was at least one other person that is attending tomorrow's game that might have wished for the same thing. I mean, I have pretty powerful wishing powers. But, it would take at least two of us to completely jinx an entire baseball team. I'm just saying.

Kindest regards,

A moderate Giants fan who is now wishing fervently for tomorrow's victory

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TNgrammy said...

You are so lucky the Giants won......!!!