Monday, October 11, 2010

The Impasse

See this floor? We like this floor!! Isn't it pretty? Isn't is shiny? Isn't it so gosh-derned mid-century it practically sings?? Yet, as of today we still have no damn idea how to get this floor...

We keep asking. Mr. Architect?? Can you please tell us what it will take to get this floor? Mr. Architect answers, "Perhaps this floor might cost about $10 per square foot." We ask Mr. Architect, "But how do we get this floor? Will it cost $10 per square foot or is it about $10 per sq ft?" Mr. Architect answers, "Here are lots of photos from some guys who do concrete floors." I am left wondering.

We keep asking. Mr. General Contractor??? Can you please tell us what it will take to install this floor?? Mr. General Contractor answers, "Perhaps this floor might not be exactly like the steel troweled floor that is in the original plans." We ask Mr. General Contractor, "But how do we get this floor? I know it is not what is in the original plans, but can we get this one instead? How much will it cost? How do you install is? Who can do it?" Mr. General Contractor answers, "Here is a picture of the sidewalk in front of my office. This is what seeding looks like." Now I am really wondering.

Neither Mr. Architect nor Mr. General Contractor have been able to answer my question. I don't think that they are being cruel or stubborn or stupid. It could very well be that I am the one who is entirely unable to crack the construction vernacular nut on this one.

Obviously, we are unable to communicate clearly about this GD floor. I want it to look like the picture. I showed them the picture. I still don't know what it will cost. I am not certain I can ask the question any more clearly - but there's got to be a way. I thought pictures were the simplest form of communication. I fear that I will have to enroll in terrazzo floor construction school and learn to install my own floor before I can get someone to tell me HOW DO I GET THIS FLOOR?? HOW MUCH WILL IT COST???

The upside is that if I do attend Terrazzo Floor School, I will never have to ask those questions again. And, I think it's good to have a trade in your back pocket. Scrap booking and sewing don't really count. Especially if you want to have a floor beneath your feet while you do them.


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