Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'll do that NEXT

Past due for a blog update.

My big giant plan since Monday was to do that "next." Then I got a cold. Then Henry simultaneously imploded and exploded in to a giant fire ball of morning cantankerousness and I had to try to design a new method of grounding him that had parental disciplinary impact. Meanwhile, I had to finish our Christmas cards and send out the year-end fund raiser for Camtom - licking a grand total of seven trillion envelopes and making myself sick on glue. Henry had basketball practice, I supervised a couple of 7th graders and their homework. And,then, George the Elder came home on Monday evening with - GASP!! - the MAN COLD that made my full-on nasal congestion entirely inconsequential. I offered to make his funeral arrangements right on the spot, but he just moaned and headed off to bed. I spent Monday night sleeping on the couch since Mr. MAN COLD was so very near death and my nasal congestion would have impaired his ability to take one step away from Death's Door.

Tuesday morning I had carpool and then I had to run christmas errands (book store and pet supply store) and to - what fun!! - stand in line at both the UPS store and the post-office for 40 minutes each. Little time-suck chunks of joy. Then I had to car pool an Audi wagon full of HIGHLY excited 5th grades to and from the Brava Theater to rehearse for their Winter Play Twice. Get the boys to Kumon, buy candy canes for George the Younger's friends, go grocery shopping field calls from George the Elder who wants to know, "Where are you? What are you doing???"

Today, I caught up on ironing and laundry (o.k. I hadn't ironed for hmmmm - more than three weeks) Car pooled those 5th graders again who are getting more unmanageable in their excited-ness as show time approaches. Got H to cooking class, took George to his basketball game, picked up H from cooking and took him to the basketball game. Watched game, rushed home and finished the ironing. As luck would have it - Man Cold was feeling better and helped get the vittles on the table.

So, yes, I'm due for an update. I have some pictures of me getting all Martha Stewart with some peppermint candy and a powerdrill last Sunday - - and my plan is to get to that "next" tomorrow. Right after I finish the laundry, drive to the Theater with the 5th graders one more time, play bus to get both George and Henry to and from basketball practice, make a sign for the performance tomorrow night, rush over to the Brava Theater again at 6:30 in time to usher for the holiday play to see Henry play Helios and somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30 manage to feed both the performer and the brother who wants to go to the holiday play about as much as he wants to poke his own eyes out.

I guess we'll see about that update. OH!, and Shannon's birthday is tomorrow. I am officially the mother of a 29 year old. Impossible. But I will think about that "next."

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