Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blades of Glory

Just when you think you've got a "plan", just when you think you've got the "whole thing wired" something happens that puts a giant monkey wrench in your whole business. Damn that cosmos. Makes you want to write limericks - the red-haired-step-child of poetry...

There was a lithe boy, name of Henry
whose skating career ended in misery
Took one lap 'round the rink
and alas! Done did sink
then broke his leg on the slippery.

And for your viewing pleasure (as if my poetry prowess wasn't enough for you), a quick photo montage to mark the occasion of my first child with a "real" broken appendage. Technically, I was just due for it.

#1: H arrives by ambulance to UCSF Emergency Center

Disappointingly, there were no sirens during transport. What a rip. If you're going to pay $5000 for something,the least they could do was whooop it at least once. Cookie (the bear) was there waiting for him with Mom.

#2 Morphine Administered - Casting Complete

This is H stoned on morphine. I took notice of this particular look - flushed face, large pupils and logged it away for our journey through the teenage years.

I got to help put the cast on. Felt like I was an extra in Grey's Anatomy.

#3 Enthroned at home:

Happy camper? I think not. There are two kinds of people. 1 - people who nut up and grab the problem by the scruff of the neck and endure. 2 - people who sob and wail and shake their fists at fate (as well as anyone around them who gets in the way). Henry is in the second category. That face tells a thousand stories....

And to close - another limerick - cause I just can't help myself (and I am sleep deprived, cause you know who has to get up in the middle of the night again and help someone pee in a tupperware bowl...)

Henry's kin bemoaned his fate
his giant cast they would like to serrate
For eight weeks it will stay
while H hates each damn day
And blames his calamity on a skate.

(O.K. that's weak, I know...)

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KB said...

Dang. That's a seriously broken leg and an enourmous cast. It's not going to be easy for Henry to tote that thing around school getting his friends to sign it. Although on the positive side, he's got a lot of real estate to work with.