Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tricks and Treats

Ah, the end of another Halloween season and this year comes complete with the change of daylight savings on the morning after. Cool beans.

Last night marked the high water point of amount of candy ever given out by the Wisniewski family. We managed to get through 2,000 pieces of candy! At the beginning of the night, we were being generous with a couple pieces per visitor, but near the end, we had to scale back when the "real crowds" starting coming. The door never closed and we ended up just setting up a chair in front of the door to feed the starving masses of ghosts and goblins.

Our little group of "hander-outers" was tough on the crowd. We required a resounding "trick-or-treat" before handing out the loot and we pretty much gave the kids without costumes a rough time. I'm of the ilk that it's a give and get situation. You give me something by showing up in a costume and you'll get the candy. Next year, I'm going to put up a sign that says "No costume, No candy, No exceptions!" We even had a couple of "solo" adults. No kidding. I'm talking older than 30 in full costume. What the? And, it must be said that if you are trick or treating with your child who is not yet able to walk and the hander-outer gives your child candy, this is not your invitation to then hold out your own bag for a treat. This happened more times than not. Hmmm?

So, on with the photos. First one's from before I left for Cambodia at the Punkin Patch. Rule was the same as last year: If you can pick it up, you can have it.

Next up are the boys last night. George the Younger went out with "the big kids" - all alone - but carrying a myriad of cell phones. As luck would have it, we neither had to call him or the police. It was a banner night since George the Younger made it home on his feet instead of in the back of an unmarked police car. (For back story, please refer to blog entry in Oct 2008 Halloween 911)

Henry also made it out with his fellow fifth graders. They were trailed at a respectable distance by George the Elder. Turns out that when you are "trailing" you also get to play sherpa for the evening. George the Elder came home holding a few masks and weapons that were impediments to the job of getting a boat-load of candy from the neighbors.

I would also like to give a shout out to George the Elder, who in the face of choosing between taking Henry door-to-door and watching Game 3 of the Series, was a real stand-up guy and went for father-hood-memory-moments. All that and the Phillies lost. I think George the Elder is wondering if he had stayed home and sent his mojo through the screen to the game that the results may have been different.

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