Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Belated Progress Report

Best laid plans and all that...  These photos have been sitting in my "draft" box for more than a week and every day I say, "I'm going to post them" and then things get in the way - - construction folks with questions, kids having to do things that require my attention or my car, oh and then there was (still is) this pesky problem with a little kidney stone.  Who knew a little 6mm piece of somethin-somethin could be so disruptive.  I told George the elder that the last time I felt pain like that they actually handed me a tiny human as a reward.  This time, I got nothin 'cept the promise of more pain to come.  Nice.

But, the show goes on here with the CMR Phase II.  These photos are from the week before last.  And things are a happening....

Sub floor is removed to access the radiant heat and to run new electrical what not to new places.  Much caution was used as poking a hole in one of those orange tubes is a "very bad thing" - - that's hot water running through them and they are what heat the house.

The rough opening for the new GIANT kitchen window is cut out.  That's one big damn hole!!  This photo shows that the old fridge was still waiting for it's new owner (one of our chinese plumbers) to come and get it.  A couple days after this was taken they arrived to get it.  It was in the evening during the final game of the world series, so I paid no attention as to how they got this bad boy out of the back yard. 

New canister lights (a SF code requirement) are lined up and the boxes installed.  Luckily Dan is very very tall.   He is handy to have around for ceiling work when you don't have a ladder!

Another view of the electrical stuff that will shortly be covered up by dry wall and disappeared.  It's really quick amazing how many wires it takes to power up a kitchen.

A view from the doorway to the atrium looking in at my window size from the inside.  It's gonna be a bee-you-T!!!

Onward to week 4.....

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