Monday, August 22, 2011

Compare and Contrast

This morning George the Younger donned his new high school "uniform" apparel and headed out in to the foggy San Francisco morning for his first day of High School.

I managed to get him to stand still for a moment to capture the moment as he rushed out the door at 7-flipping-a.m.  Sadly, the photos were not well focused.  I was rushing since he really didn't feel the moment needed historical photographic documentation. I explained that ALL "first days of school" have been duly documented in his life, so would he just stand the heck still and let me take the damn photo?  He acquiesced and smiled.  And then, in a blur he rushed out the front door to catch his carpool.

I spent the next hour researching photoshop techniques and managed to cobble together his first days of kindergarten and high school.  Can you say "nostalgic?"

The differences between the two "first days" are obvious. He's taller and he's sporting a duster.  He has a heavier backpack full of bigger books with more words and less pictures.  He won't get a happy-sunshine-sparkly-rainbow name tag when he gets to his classroom (at least I am certain he is praying he doesn't!).  He doesn't need to carry a nap mat and I'm doubtful he will get a morning snack.  He didn't need me or George the Elder to hold his hand on the way to school.  Although, I still helped him pack his backpack last night and watched him open and close the lock for his locker several times to ensure proficiency.  Miss Barbara will not be there to greet him with a snappy morning song strummed on her zither.

But the two photos side-by-side remind me that he's still our same sweet guy inside - -  off to make new school friends and conquer new adventures.  And Mr. Farrel, the headmaster, will be there to greet him with a grown-up handshake welcoming him to his first official day as a freshman at Stuart Hall High School.

I'm a bit misty over the whole thing.  Can you tell?

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