Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Many Balls

I've ignored my blog the last week (OK - it's been a month, but in the spirit of the season, you could cut me little break). I've been running around like a one-armed wall paper hanger. But, I am nearly done with all the holiday hoo-ha - and, according to my little vintage "days 'til xmas" card board doo-hickey - there are still 10 days left to the big day. If I were you, I'd start collecting canned goods, bottled water and kindling - surely the world is coming to an end. Hopefully armageddon will hold off until at least after the 25th. I mean I put in all the effort and everything.

I will be back to posting shortly. There are lots of new updates about the CMR. A teaser: We got our new completion schedule and we are delayed by more than a month. Me = unhappy. I. am. over. this. temporary. living. crap. But, it is what it is and I can't spend too much time grousing about it. I've got presents to wrap.

What is that you say? Getting all the presents wrapped is part of finishing up on the holiday hoo-ha? Fine, then. I'm not really ready. I'm only mostly ready. Feel free to hold off on stocking up on the canned pork and beans. It seems we all have lots of time left.

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