Sunday, September 26, 2010

CMR Update 26 Sept: We got Rebar and escape hatches

It's a Bee-u-ti-ful day here in the Bay area. Our summer has finally arrived and while we still needed to don our jackets and sweatshirts, it's sunny and blue and warm. So what that it's the end of September? Just the perfect day to head over to the time/money suck of our home remodel and check out the progress. The boys are getting expert at the human pyramid necessary to get in to the house, so we were in like lightning today. So what that there was a handy-dandy ladder sitting right there today? No need for ladders when we got boys!

The library is looking good. This space is going to be so wonderful with all 6 windows looking in. If you squint and look past lots of trees, you can see the ocean in the distance. It's a great deal of squinting, but it's kind of cool knowing it is there. This will be the view from George the Elders desk eventually. Not too shabby.

The electricians were apparently here during the week. They have written little love notes on the ceiling. This one says, "This'll cause the house FIRE." They're so witty and clever, those little electrician guys. Something tells me I have a change order in my future....

The atrium decking took more shape this week. We have DRAINS! I'm practically giddy with drain excitement. Soon there will be skylights, soon there will be the very cunningly designed system on which will eventually sit our very cool lava rock pavers.

But, if this photo is any indication, those cool little drains aren't exactly operational. In the interim, we have been provided with these efficient and disposable green plastic downspouts.

I wanted to try to get a picture of the wall that will be removed during Phase II: Kitchen remodel. You know, that second phase of the remodel that will happen when the UPS plane drops those bags of money right on to our newly drain appointed interior atrium? Well, I wanted to try to show how amazing that room will be with the open stairs once that wall gets the heck out of the way and the cheesy white cabinets are replaced with hip new St. John metal cabinets and stainless steel countertops and fabulous flooring and.... awwwwe, come on UPS...drop your load baby!!

But, let's focus on the work that's been done in the basement to lift our spirits... Here's the framing of the mechanical closet that will hold all things radiant floor and water heating. This is where the stairs used to come down from the kitchen above. The joists in the "ceiling" make the climbing in to the house more fun for the boys. I'm wondering how we will get in next week if they put the actual plywood on the top?

And it's rebar central here in the lower level!! The floors are all covered with it. All the vapor barrier has been laid, all the heat catching material stuff that helps keep the radiant floor heat from going down instead of up in to the floors, and a fresh layer of sand are all done. Now we wait for the concrete and the radiant tubing.

This is a view from the North side of the rumpus room looking directly in to the pool room. You can see how grand the lighting will be in this room, as well as where the railing will be between the two levels.

This is the view from the South East corner of the pool room looking up in to the Rumpus room. You can see the wall in the rumpus room where our wine closet is going to be. Right now it's just a big plywood plank! We got the plans from Steve the Wine Guy on Friday and we are over the moon about them. It was fabulous working with someone who got the whole "mid-century vibe" right away. He's a keeper!

The view right outside the pool room door looking towards where the stairs will be and in to Henry's room and the bath.
Taken from the South East corner of George the Younger's soon to be teenage lair (which will be complete with alarmed windows with locks - we weren't born yesterday you know!). This room is going to be HUGE. Much bigger than I had imagined. I was briefly considering changing this to my office / guest room. But, I think that the dye has been cast there. I'll just have to wait until he's off to college before I requisition it :)

And finally, when the plans were initially being conceived for the CMR, we had considered putting in a laundry chute from the upper floor down in to the basement. Man, those are handy things, ain't they? But in the end, we couldn't do it properly. Henry suggested the installation of a slide from the kitchen down to the lower level parallel to the stairs. This was nixed as well. In essence, all the "boy" ways down to the lower level have not panned out.
Today, Henry noticed something intriguing... Turns out that the old air return from the forced air heating system was located in the back of the upstairs hall closet. This return hole and grating are still there. Henry figured out that this hole would/could lead directly into his bedroom closet. With the opening left alone and a small ladder installed in the back of his closet, Henry would be able to get from his bedroom to the upstairs hallway without using the conventional method. The stairs.
H contemplating the entry..
Henry contemplated the exit.

It got me to thinking... I wonder if it's possible to really do it? I mean if you were 12 and you had a cool secret escape hatch to the upstairs how great would that be? Don't know if it can be done - but I think I will ask the architects....just for fun.
Cause isn't it all about fun? And waiting for money to drop in to your atrium? Fun and money. Good combo if you can get it!

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Lilola said...

I saw a Homerama model home once with a fireman's pole from the balcony on the second floor into the family room. I've wanted on ever since!