Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Part 1 - GIFTS!!!

Sunday here in Phnom Penh. We headed back out to KS Orphan Center for the visit that we planned specifically to bring gifts to the children. I think that the grinning face on the first photo pretty much summed the whole afternoon up...

This smile was a welcome relief after the day had started somewhat inauspiciously when I dropped my camera in the Russian Market. I think it is dead-kaput-gone-daddy-gone - but I am sure I can get the pictures off of it when I get home. But, like the title of my blog "why dwell" - there's nothing that can be done about it, so no crying over spilt cameras! I bummed a spare from my traveling companion and got some photos.

We once again stopped by our favorite fruit dealers in the Kompong Speu Town market and picked up a "branch o' bananas" to take with us along with about 80 baguettes!

Along with the "healthy stuff", we brought along all the gifts from the children's sponsors - those wonderfully generous folks who support each child for English lessons, computer lessons, and some other basic needs like rice and nanny support. We are eternally grateful, and as you can see - the children are too!

I got a shot of some of the boys in their "new" blue jeans. After lugging more than 240 pounds of stuff with us from the US - most of it gifts and blue jeans, it was rewarding to see them being immediately put to use. It does seem a bit odd to see them in jeans when the thermometer reads in the high 90's - but yesterday I saw a woman walking down the street in a winter coat. Why? Maybe she was chilly.

As I mentioned before, an old friend from HS of mine lovingly hand poured some lovely lollipops for all the kids.
And, BOY, were they a hit. The kids were initially very circumspect - I mean it is unlikely
that they have had a lollipop before, but once they took the first few tentative licks - all was right with the world. Interestingly, the lollipops were all poured in primary colors and in different shapes, so the kids had fun calling them out loud "THIS IS AN ORANGE OVAL!!"
as they were handed to each. Smiles, smiles and more smiles.

Finally, we gathered for a last group shot.
When I look at the picture I am reminded of the Sesame Street Song - "One of These Things is not like the other" - but we managed to squeeze in amidst the loud sucking noises and the gifts from sponsors and took our last kodak moments.

And then, we were driving away to our next stop - the New Hope Cambodian Children village just down the road. So sad to leave. So pleased to see that they are well taken care of, that their needs are being met and the the school is a success.

I said to our two teachers before we left that what Camtom built was just a building. It was just a building until they joined us, and, together as teachers, they made it a "school".

And, as a footnote - I am have LOADS of trouble getting photos uploaded and in the right place - - so my apologies!!

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