Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wily Sister

Yesterday I got an email from my sister. She sent along this photo. She says she climbed a mountain in Africa. But, this was obviously taken in front of one of those totally cool high tech green-screens inside a Universal Studio ride. What makes it so unbelievably realistic is that they had all the cool climbing gear (in her exact size), and a frosty wind machine to make her cheeks pink (just like on a real mountain summit), and they made her run for 2 hours uphill on a treadmill at the crack of dawn to get that just-finished-scaling-an-incredibly-steep-mountain-in-Africa in the wee wee hours of the morning look! Isn't it oddly realistic? It truly looks as if she physically climbed Kilimanjaro and got to the top of Uhuru Peak in Tanzania.

It's strange since she did mention a few times that she was "training" for some adventure or another - - and she did send a couple of odd emails about how she was leaving for Africa - - and she did post some emergency contact information surrounded by some blather about "just in case I run out of oxygen or slide down the side of a steep slope due to faulty ropes and ill prepared sherpas." What a great set-up, eh? She's wily, that sister of mine. All that prep work just to head to Florida to bask in the sun, play golf and spend the day at Universal at a photo shoot. Like I said, she's wily. Really wily.

So, to my super-adventurous sister I submit the loudest "YOP"! to you all the way to the continent of Africa!! It's an amazing accomplishment! You're the best big sister anyone could ask for. All that - - and you climb mountains too. I'm no where near even the tiniest bit surprised.

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