Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas Jammies

Hard to imagine, but the theme of this year's family Xmas jammies was "San Francisco". The extent of my creativity is astounding, don't ya think??

For the uninformed blog lurkers, we do a cheesy thing every Christmas. We all get matching Xmas jammies. Did I write about this before?? Anywho, as you can see, we got cool deco rendition t-shirts this year. I also decided to go for bottoms that were useful. The boys got under armour sweats, George got some "after work" lounging pants and Shannon and I scored some really nice new yoga pants. Now all I have to do is actually sign up for a yoga class! At least I have the pants now. (Oh, and a mat that Shannon got me last year for Christmas that is still unused - - perhaps I was just waiting for the pants??)
Christmas was very nice - - except that Shannon was in Atlanta. The boys didn't wake us up until a reasonable hour of 7:30. Could this have been because we told them that their presents from Santa would turn in to ash and soot if we were awakened prior to that hour? Me thinks that the jumping on the bed at EXACTLY 7:30 was just a weird coincidence.
George and I didn't get to sleep until around 1:30 a.m. and it wasn't because we were enjoying watching "A Christmas Story" - - although is that not the funniest damn Christmas movie ever? It is because for some unfathomable reason, we don't wrap the Santa stuff until the night before. We call it "the dark side of Christmas". We wait until the kids are all asleep, then we crack open a bottle of champers for me and George pours himself a bourbon or something of the darker nature and... let the wrapping begin. Again, for some unfathomable reason, I generally estimate that the wrapping will take about 45 minutes. But, there we are 2 hours later, finishing up (both the wrapping and the drinking).
The "dark side" was further extended this year as George the Elder was wrapping George the Younger's gifts and I made the mistake of commenting that perhaps George the Younger was going to think that his gifts were wrapped by Santa's retarded elf. I put forward for his consideration that the wrapping paper was actually supposed to cover the entire gift AND not look like it had been recovered from a crunched up ball at the bottom of the garbage can. George the Elder decided that he wasn't gonna take any of that crap from me and decided to stop wrapping and just enjoy his bourbon. My own damn fault. But honestly, what's so hard about covering things with paper?
The evening's video enhancement of "A Christmas Story" was a bit prophetic as the boys' were given air-soft guns from Santa. In the olden days they called them bb guns, but I guess since the wee plastic balls are no longer metal, they needed to change the name or something? I will get to that tomorrow with pictures of "when George the Elder teaches the boys that an armed society is a polite society." For now we are off to a Cambodian restaurant for dinner. Bring on the grilled pork!!

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