Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dinner and Dancing

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting a little dinner for some new-ish friends here in SF. "New-ish" means that we have known them for a while through Cambodia Tomorrow, the non-profit that we support. We hosted two other families that have Cambodian adoptees. Everyone had a nice time.

Here are all the kids. George called himself the LVK (Lone Vietnamese Kid) and thought this was really, really funny. Rosalie, on the right, was just celebrating her 13th birthday the day before. She was going to have her birthday party the night of our dinner, but when she heard that George was going to be there - -she changed her party date. Rumor has it - - she has quite the crush on young G3. Of course, I think he's handsome, but I'm the Mom.

On that same note -- Georgie had his first middle school dance on Friday night. He left for the dance around 7ish - - smelling strongly of Axe. I believe that "Axe" is the "High Karate" of 2008. I picked him up around 10:00 - still smelling faintly of Axe. His report in the car was that he had a nice time in that it-was-really-lame-but-i-still-had-a-fun-time middle school shrug of the shoulders way. Apparently, the music selection was not the ultimate in sick music. I highly suspect that any songs with profanity were eliminated from the play list. This would have the effect of eliminating most of the really "sick" songs. [Note: Translation for those who are not on the up and up - - "sick" means really really cool or whatever word we lame-o older people used in the olden days to describe something nifty.]

After a few more monosyllabic answers to my questions I finally got some real scoop. Surprisingly, amidst the lack of cool tuneage - our little guy not only danced but got up the courage to ask girls to dance with him! This is a noteworthy milestone for our budding pre-teen. He was very nonchalant about it. Georgie reported that he and a pal had a bet to see who could get the most girls to dance with them. Figures that George would turn a poignant adolescent moment in to a competition with money on the line. Cash provides a certain incentive that obviously trumps lack of courage. He won the bet. I asked him how. He said that he asked girls to slow dance! In the end, the amount of cash on the line was not sufficient for Peter to overcome the fear of the terrifying slow-dance. Either Georgie is braver, or his price is lower. Still...

My sweet baby slow dancing - - I secretly welled up in the car. My little guy is growing up.

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